Save More to Serve More with the Infiniti Trust

At Infiniti Trust, we know that every dollar spent lessens the amount of money available to invest in your mission-related work. Dedicated to helping you save more to serve more, we have created the Infiniti Insurance Trust as a stable, secure and cost-effective alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. With unemployment rates high and state unemployment funds attempting to correct severe deficits, nonprofit organizations pay higher unemployment taxes than the benefits paid out on their behalf.

The Federal Tax Code provides an opportunity for agencies to opt out of their state unemployment system and instead become reimbursing employers that only reimburse the state for the actual unemployment benefits paid to former employees. The Infiniti Insurance Trust can help make this a safe and efficient reality.

Infiniti Insurance Trust is partnering with 501(c)3?s and government self-insurance groups to assure :

  • Immediate reductions in unemployment and administrative costs
  • Contribution rates specific to your exposure
  • Stop-loss insurance and bonding to maximize stability
  • Interest bearing assets owned by you
  • Aggressive claims management and program administration
  • Human Resource partnering to assure minimization of pre-claim and post-claim exposures

About Infiniti Insurance Trust

Infiniti Insurance Trust developed as a response to what we believe is an unmet need for 501C3s. Our management team has been on the leading edge of providing business process solutions to clients nationally and and has had success in helping entities navigate increasingly complex employment-related matters and meet federal and statutory obligations as it relates to unemployment, taxes, human resource administration, payroll processing, employee benefits and risk management and safety compliance.

The foundation of our program is the successful integration of best practices to assure every claim is managed from start to finish and our members are positioned for successful outcomes. To further this goal, we have strategically partnered with industry leaders to to assure a detail driven approach resulting in assured program success and improvement on our clients historical outcomes.