Creating Efficiencies and Reducing Costs for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations today face unprecedented challenges—economic conditions have contributed to increased demands for their services yet they are challenged with steady declines in funding.

As available resources are primarily funneled into programs that serve their stakeholders and the community, nonprofits face a host of administrative burdens and operational risks that threaten the bottom line and ultimately dilute the success of their mission critical goals.

We understand that nonprofit organizations must find ways to serve more with less.

Infiniti Trust is committed to helping nonprofits make the most of limited resources; creating efficiencies, improving services and reducing costs. Our solutions allow nonprofits to realize a reduction in administrative costs, statutory liabilities and back-office expenses and drive the transformation that allows nonprofits to assure lasting administrative efficiency and better realization of their mission goals.

In partnership with Infiniti HR, nonprofits are better positioned to navigate increasingly complex employment related matters and meet federal and statutory obligations as it relates to human resources administration, payroll processing, employee benefits, risk management and safety compliance.

The Infiniti Insurance Trust, a nonprofit unemployment trust and statutory insurance program for 501(c) organizations and agencies to assure reduced unemployment costs and to allow an increase in your assets.

Our unique reimbursable unemployment trust program allows for the immediate reduction in unemployment costs, improved cash flow and aggressive claims administration and stop loss protection. The amounts paid into your Infiniti Insurance Trust interest-bearing account are immediate balance sheet assets and are returned to you in the form of potential dividends or upon any departure from the program.

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