Government Risk Pools

In partnership with IIT, Government Risk Pools can provide a turnkey solution to help their members realize an immediate reduction in unemployment costs, improved cash flow, aggressive claims administration and stop loss protection. The amounts paid into the Infiniti Insurance Trust (or a Risk Pool designated Trust) are immediate balance sheet interest accruing assets and are returned to the Risk Pool for appropriate disbursement or dividends.

The Government Risk Pool solution can be completely branded as a risk pool product with the
following as expected outcomes:

  • Government Risk Pool members will realize reductions in unemployment costs and minimization of liabilities
  • The Government Risk Pool can provide a solution that addresses a typically undermanaged agency exposure
  • The Government Risk Pool will provide a significant cost reduction solution for agencies that are not reimbursing entities
  • Expand the scope of deliverables with a unique and value added cost?containment tool
  • Assure a positive impact on agency HR practices leading to a potential quantifiable reduction in agency employment practice liability outcomes and in turn, the Government Risk Pool’s ledger sheet outcomes
  • Support member retention goals by offering a branded solution for an often unmanaged liability
  • The Government Risk Pool will recover agreed upon fees for appropriate operational account funding
  • The solution is consistent with the intent of Government Risk Pools mission driven goal of reducing risk, and providing budgetary stability and predictability for the member entities