How Does the Creation of Jobs, As Opposed to the Loss of Jobs, Affect Your UI Tax Rates?

In June the number of full-time jobs in the United States finally got back to the same level as the beginning of 2008. It has taken a long time. Since full-time jobs are now back to ground zero and increasing, this is a good time to consider how job creation impacts your exposure to UI taxes. The immediate first year result of your company creating a job is an increase in your UI taxes because of the increase in taxable payroll. In all states except four (NH, NJ, TN, VT) UI tax rates are assigned for a calendar year, so any new hires this year could not affect your UI tax rate ca...

Enforcement of Employer’s Responsibility for UI Integrity Act

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Today’s blog offers an in-depth review of the UI Integrity Act and related legislation, focusing on the claims response issues.  The legislation is generally viewed as being threatening, when this is not necessarily the case.  We offer our view on how integrity-related legislation impacts our clients. THE ISSUE The amount of erroneous unemployment benefit payments is unacceptably high, and some of the responsibility for this falls on the employer community.  Poor and late responses by employers or their agents tend to result in benefits being approved and paid when a disqualification sho...