Our Unemployment Trust Program to Reduce Unemployment Costs

Our unique reimbursable unemployment trust program allows for the immediate reduction in unemployment costs, improved cash flow for your agency, aggressive claims administration and stop loss protection. The amounts paid into your Infiniti Insurance Trust are immediate balance sheet interest accruing assets and are returned to you in the form of potential dividends or upon any departure from the program.

Aggressive administration of unemployment claims liability is inherent to the success of the IIT program. Member services include:

  • Account creation including assistance with state notification and required filings
  • Claims processing and filing of unemployment-related paperwork
  • Unemployment cost control workshops/training
  • Audits of all benefits charged to member clients with specific mitigation and disqualification of inaccurate or unwarranted charges
  • Hearing consultation, preparation and representation
  • Agency specific account reporting tools including online and report facilitation
  • High-level HR consultation as it relates to challenging work-related scenarios, discipline procedures, separation considerations, organizational restructuring and documentation
  • Review and consult on HR policies and handbooks that impact unemployment
  • Hiring and employee assessment tools
  • HR and risk training modules to assure statutory compliance and best practice protocols achieved
  • Account management to assure targeted outcomes as it relates to program cost and investment returns
  • Online access to customized claims activity reports
  • Report summaries by location, division, etc.
  • Reports on charge errors and credits
  • Summary by type of separation
  • Ad hoc reports, charts and graph

The Infiniti Insurance Trust provides program management and oversight with direct input from member groups. Member groups are granted non-binding voting rights through election to committees and an advisory council, with the goal to assure that member opinion can help to guide the overall vision and outcomes of the Infiniti Insurance Trust.

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