How it Works

Our members typically receive up to a 60% discount from their current state tax rate, avoid state surcharges and are able to fund expected liability in small incremental payments. We integrate our program with best practices to assure every claim is managed from start to finish and our members are positioned for successful outcomes. Our goal is to grow your assets through conservative investment while managing and reducing your future claims liability.

Combined with our own internal expertise in the areas of employment practices, Infiniti Insurance Trust has partnered with experienced service providers to assure a detail-driven approach resulting in assured unemployment cost control and improvement on historical outcomes.

Success in Managing Liabilities

  • 575,000 UI Claims processed
  • Currently a 92% win percentage
  • More than $10 million dollars in erroneous benefit charges removed

Partnered Success Stories include:

  • Goodwill
  • West Virginia University
  • Houston Community College
  • Norton Healthcare
  • Tennessee Hospital Association
  • Salem Health
  • Metro Nashville Government

and more than 2,000 other clients…